Songs of Liberation (Canciones de la Liberación)

Audio links and lyrics below for: Meant to be Free by Steven Wise and Alex Forbes, Light of Day by Ernesto Melchor, Liberation by Ernesto Melchor, No Bones No Blood by Jah Sun, Animal Rights by DeadMau5, Jaulas by Historias de Andén, A Little Bite of Hope by Illy Rap, L’hymne de Nos Campagnes by Tryö, Be Healthy by Dead Prez, Hey World (Don’t Give Up) by Michael Franti, and 40-Year-Old Vegan by Chokeules. For more amazing songs, check back here regularly and check out the Vegan Hip Hop Movement here and/or on Facebook.

Audio y letras se encuentran abajo por: Meant to be Free (Destinado a ser Libres) del Steven Wise y Alex Forbes, Light of Day (Luz del Dia) del Ernesto Melchor, Liberation (Liberación) del Ernesto Melchor, No Bones No Blood (No Huesos No Sangre) del Jah Sun, Animal Rights (Derechos de los Animales) de DeadMau5, Jaulas del Historias de Andén, A Little Bite of Hope (Un Bocadito de Esperanza) del Illy Rap, L’hymne de Nos Campagnes (El Himno de Nuestros Campos) del Tryö, Be Healthy (Estar Sano) del Dead Prez, Hey World (Don’t Give Up) [Hola Mundo (No Te Rindes)] del Michael Franti, y 40-Year-Old Vegan (Vegano que Tiene Cuarenta Años) del Chokeules. 

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Meant to be Free by Steven Wise and Alex Forbes
Lyrics coming soon!

Light of Day by Ernesto Melchor
Lyrics coming soon!

Liberation by Ernesto Melchor

No Bones No Blood by Jah Sun

Animal Rights by DeadMau5 (No Lyrics)

Jaulas (Cages) by Historias de Andén

Lyrics (Letras):

Yo no ha venido de hablar de Jesus Cristo
I did not come to talk about Jesus Christ
Yo juro que en las calles se que todas lo han ja visto
I swear that in the streets, everyone’s already seen Him
Y no ha venido de hablar de relaciones
And I didn’t come to talk about relationships
El amor es una M*ERDA…(o el mejor de nuestros dones)
Love is SH*T…(or the best of our gifts)

Yo no ha venido de hablar de autos caros
I didn’t come to talk about expensive cars
Ni de con cuanto yerbas quedamos mejor trabados
Or about which weed gets us the most high
Ha venido a no callar por los callados, a gritarte, “Libera tus esclavos!”
I’ve come to speak up for the silenced, to scream at you, “Free your slaves!”

Estoy pa’ recordar esa gallina, que vio el fin de su miseria detrás de una cuchilla
I’m ready to remember that hen, who saw the end of her misery behind a knife
Ella nunca vio el Sol, nunca tuvo vida
She never saw the Sun, never had a life
Nació siendo una cosa, destinada a ser comida.
She was born a thing, destined to become food.

Vengo a alzar la voz por esa vaca, que violadon por siempre pa’ que tomes leche en la mañana
I’ve come to speak out for that cow, raped forever so that you can drink milk in the morning
Y al final de todo, nadie pedía perdón por lo que hizo, acabará con lo que el asesino llama “sacrifício.”
And in the end, no one will ask forgiveness for what has been done, it will end with what the killer calls “sacrifice.”

Vengo a discutir el ??? de alquer torturador que alimento el biso
I’ve come to discuss the ??? of that torturer who sates himself with vice,
??? del sangre innocente ???
??? of innocents’ blood ???
…Gente, gente 
…People, people
Que no intiende que la vida vales mas que las leyes y su tradición podrida
Who don’t understand that life is worth more than the laws and your rotten tradition
Y su tradición podrida
And your rotten tradition

No olvido aquellos gallos condenados
Don’t forget those damned chickens
Entre d’ellos ???
Between them ???
ALTOS! Doy mi voz a las de actual lion
LOUDLY! I give my voice to that of actual lions,

Cuando entendera esos idiotas que los que encierras en sus jaulas
When will those idiots understand that who they’re throwing in their cages
Son las almas rotas de las que nacieron para vivir en libertad,
Are the broken souls of those who were born to live in freedom,
Pero mueren presas, porque consideran un ciclo torturar un animal
But die imprisoned, because it’s considered a cycle to torture an animal

Historias como esta hay de aquí al infinito,
Stories like this one are infinite,
Pero yo creo que mi punto ha quedado bien clarito
But I think my point is already crystal-clear
Ahora estan tus manos por el final holocausto a que nos ido
Now our most recent holocaust is in your hands
Que el unico animal en tu barriga sea las mariposas, cuando sientas que estas cambiando las cosas!
May the only animal in your stomach be butterflies, when you feel that things are changing!

Vamos a dar un golpe a especismo
Let’s strike a blow at speciesism
Vamos, amiga–elige veganismo!
Come on, friend–choose veganism!

Sin capucho, sin capuchas!
Without a hood, no hoods!
Rompe jaulas, rompe cadenas!
Break cages, break chains!

Liberaciòn Animal es nuestra lucha!
Animal Liberation is our struggle!

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A Little Bite of Hope by Illy Rap


{Intro: “Protect a baby” twice loudly, once softly}


I gotta make another move quickly
Can’t allow the past to restrict me
Not this time around, they won’t skip me
I am the last verse
Don’t hesitate, not even for a second
The hustle has become an obsession
…my weapon
I am the last verse

You better believe I speak with wisdom
And teach people the need for veganism
Hopefully they plant the seed I give them
Don’t eat the victims
It’s not sweet if the bees is missing
Don’t through planet E off of equili-rium
How crazy would that be?
Complete delirium!
They take a baby calf
And then split it in half
It twitches and spaz
How sad and cruel in fact
Exactly why I ain’t cool wit dat

They’ll never play me like a fool
I went to school for that
And I’m never going back
My head is intact
Instead I connect with the raps
You get respect cuz of plaques

Whether your stats make you better in fact
To me you’ll forever be wack
I can never sit back
Remember how they dismembered us blacks
Like the animals
Plant our own food or we stand to lose


My words are so sharp it rips apart the beat
Kinda like a lion rips apart it’s meat
But your not the king of the jungle pardon me
It’s no wonder why many of us die from heart disease
We’re not carnivees
We strictly herbivores
Look at the side-to-side grinding
When you work your jaw
But you don’t have curved pointed claws
That you dig in your prey
And I never heard you roar

I am truly involved
With fighting for animals rights
It’s a plight but my cojones is large
I am duly in charge
They say the last hope for the hood
It’s all good
I don’t consume any lard
But that don’t make this smooth
What I’m doing is hard

Tryna convince you to grow some food in your yard
Is like pulling a tooth
Here’s a suture and gauze
Cuz I believe in healing
And I don’t concede to killing


L’hymne de Nos Campagnes (The Anthem of Our Countryside) by Tryö
Lyrics (Paroles)

Be Healthy by Dead Prez

Hey World (Don’t Give Up) by Michael Franti

40-Year-Old Vegan by Chokeules


They think i’m starvin’, like “I don’t know what you eat”
I beg your pardon, but I don’t know what you mean
I got a mean appetite, more than average size
No, I don’t skip a la mode with the apple pie
Triple scoop soy milk or coconut
Flavors from vanilla cookie dough to mocha fudge
And boca burgers like word
Fake chicken fingers is the tip of the ice berg

No tree-huggin stereotypes
i’m about to read a pizza its burial rites
I’ll murder a slice, if we’re sharin a pie
Just skip the pepperoni, keep the dairy aside
I know what you’re thinkin- that’s bruschetta
Nah, we got the soy cheese counterfeit cheddar
Hook up the nachos guacamole tacos
Avocado sushi, domo, arigato!

What do you eat? What about meat?
What about protein? What about cheese?
Can you eat fish? Do you eat this?
Would you eat that? Are you anemic?

Wakin’ up cookin’ up coconut bacon
Tofu scramblin’, vegan pancakin’
Makin’ homefries, bread breakin’
Fruit in the blender, almond milk shakin’
Hit the bagels with the cashew butter
Soy cream cheese if it suits you better
Finger foods is the hand they dealt me
Sweet potato fries with the tempeh.L.T.

Gimme gimme junk food till it hurts me,
Attack a pack of snacks with no mercy
Quit cold turkey switched to Tofurky
Ditched Slim Jims and hit the soy jerky
Super hot sauce suicide silly
Thai chili packs, heat screw a nine milli
Nine million meals, none from the deli
Belly of the Beast, no beasts in my belly

What do you eat? What about meat?
What about protein? What about cheese?
Can you eat fish? Do you eat this?
Would you eat that? Are you anemic?

They call it rabbit food
Just cuz i don’t call a rabbit food

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